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The Aquarian Family Circus is coming to town


Freedom to be your authentic self

About Alayha

Welcome to the New Age!

This is the dawning of Alayha Aquarian

An Actor, Performer, Clown, with characters such as:  PsychoDelicate, Amenita the Fortune Teller, The Goblin Boolishee & Miss Lamb. Alayha is also an Artist, Writer, Director, Producer, Psychonaut, Magician, Ontological Detective, Community Explorer, Organizer, Permaculturist.


Fostering thriving communities through Play, Exploration & Creativity.


Through creating the documentary series Community Explorer Alayha is bringing awareness to the intentional community movement and the a·bun·dance of solutions available for creating a healthy future.


Psychodelicate’s Magical Play Time Is Here Now to Spread the Good news of the Multiverse, Opening Hearts and Expanding Minds through interdimensional travel Demonstration and Practicum.


As Founder of the Ontological Detective Agency, Alayha is committed to providing Humanity with tools to access the fullest enjoyment of the gift of Life. We are emissaries of transformation.


The next phase of Alayha’s mission to support a happy healthy loving life for all, comes in the form of The Aquarian Family Circus Tour.


A Regenerative PsychoMagic Circus that travels to intentional communities bringing offerings, a variety of Edutainment services, healing modalities and infrastructure support.


We are facilitating opportunities for community glue, such as gatherings, council circle, shows Playshops and more!

To contact or book Alayha for any of her characters

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